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Antivax Myth: “Vaccines contain aborted fetal tissue”

Fact: Vaccines do not contain human fetal tissue, fetal cells, or even whole human DNA strands.

Antivax Myth: “VAERS proves thousands of serious vaccine injuries”

Fact: No cause-and-effect relationship has been established for adverse events in VAERS reports.

Antivax Myth: “Vaccines contain dangerous, toxic ingredients”

Fact: Vaccine ingredients are not harmful in humans or animals, with the exception of the very rare allergic reaction.

Antivax Myth: “Vaccines contain toxic aluminum”

Fact: Aluminum quantities present in vaccines are very low compared to our daily exposure, and pose an extremely low risk.

Antivax Myth: “Vaccines contain toxic mercury”

Fact: Only one routine childhood vaccine still contains mercury, and it’s in a form that was never harmful anyway.

Antivax Myth: “Vaccines contain toxic formaldehyde”

Fact: The quantity of formaldehyde in vaccines is not anywhere close to a poison.

Antivax Myth: “Vaccine inserts prove that vaccines are dangerous”

Fact: Vaccine package inserts are not a suitable form of proof of harm from vaccines.

Antivax Myth: “Vaccines cause autism”

Fact: Vaccines do not cause autism.