Science-based information about vaccines.

My hope is to counteract the rampant misinformation about vaccines published online, so that you can make the confident decision to vaccinate yourself, your children, and your pets. Vaccines are safe, effective, and necessary. is a project by Dawn Pedersen with the help of many other people, publications, and websites.

I have made every attempt to present information based on unbiased, reproducible scientific evidence.

About Dawn Pedersen

Dawn Pedersen at

I am a science educator, web designer, artist, and mom.

I have an AS degree in biology, a BA in fine art, and an MA in education. I have earned teaching credentials in biology and art.

I have taught students from kindergarten through college for 12 years, in the subjects of biology, art, web design, graphic design, and acting. My son is in the early grades of elementary school. My passion is science education, particularly in the area of public health.

I live in California.

My personal blog is Dawn’s Brain.